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Simon Fickinger

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Simon is the only qualified, full-time Psychological and Parenting Consultant employed by a law firm in Montana. With more than a dozen years of experience in local family law firms, Simon assists the firm’s attorneys, support staff, and clients regarding psychological and parenting issues. Simon consults on cases regarding developmentally appropriate and child-centered parenting plan language and parenting strategies. He also consults on strategic interactions with mental health and/or parenting-related collaterals such as Guardians ad Litem and therapists. In our firm, Simon helps clients and their children manage the psychological and emotional stressors associated with the dissolution of clients’ marriages and co-parenting.

We will make sure you have all of the information you need to develop a new or amended parenting plan that works for you and is good for your children. We will guide you through both the legal and emotional pathways associated with divorce, parenting, and estate planning.

Simon attended undergraduate school at Messiah College in Grantham, PA, receiving a B.A. in Psychology. He received a graduate degree (MS) in Clinical Psychology from Millersville University, PA, with an emphasis on family therapy and psychometrics. Simon worked as a clinician in Missoula from 1993 to 2003 when he opened a private mediation practice and focused on conflict resolution full time. Simon has extensive experience and expertise in child and family assessment and treatment, parenting assessment, advanced child development, advanced attachment theory, and advanced conflict resolution. Simon is certified in child trauma (CCT), and is a certified mediator (CM) with a Family Law designation. Simon lectures frequently for the Montana State Bar, Montana Mediation Association, the District Courts, and other organizations on such topics as the best interests of children, parenting, and conflict resolution in the context of divorce and separation.