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Experienced Guidance For A Smoother Divorce

Marriages ends for many reasons. A well-managed divorce can mean a smoother transition for both the adults and the children. While any major relationship change can be upsetting, with the help of a seasoned legal guide this transition doesn’t have to have negative effects.

Attorney Andre Gurr will work with you to ensure that your children’s educational and physical needs are met. He pulls form over 15 years of Montana family law education and experience to work with you to male sure that your children are the number one priority. At Garden City Law, PLLC you receive sound legal advice and responsive personal service.

Equitable Division Of Property

Montana is an “equitable division state” but this does not mean that both parties will receive property that they feel is equal in a divorce.

In Montana you each own the income you earn during your marriage. However, even if your name is on the property at the time of your divorce this does not mean it belongs to you and you get to take it with you. A judge divides marital property in a manner that the judge deems fair and equitable.

Finding A Consensus

If André Gurr can locate the kind of consensus that can translate to an amicable end to your marriage, ending your relationship with dignity and lessening emotional impact on children, he surely will. Our law firm’s founder applies this same determination to keeping your family “together” after this dramatic sea adjustment, with the goal of encouraging both parents to share prominent roles in the upbringing of children.

Committed Service During And After Your Divorce

Our law firm’s founder, experienced family law attorney André Gurr, applies the benefits of his 15-plus years of legal education and experience to the search for solutions that transition you to a post-divorce routine. As your lawyer, he works hard to mediate, negotiate or litigate his way to outcomes you can be proud of.

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