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Estate Planning Legal Strategies That Prepare Your Montana Family For The Future

Want to do something nice for those who mean the most to you?

You might even consider gifting relatives and close friends with this honor as a birthday, anniversary or holiday present.

It’s called estate planning — a useful combination of legal documentation whose goal is to ensure a family’s future financial security. It is literally “the gift that keeps on giving.”

The unique blend of will, revocable or irrevocable trust, financial or medical power of attorney, and advance health care directive that addresses your explicit wishes, and your loved ones’ specific life issues, can be thoughtfully assembled, starting today, at Garden City Law, PLLC, in Missoula.

You work closely and directly with our estate and probate law firm’s experienced founder, André Gurr, to craft an estate plan that will distribute assets and property to beneficiaries after your passing, provide decision-making for a senior relative or special needs child, protect and preserve assets for future generations, and generally bring you peace of mind that family members will be provided for in your absence.

Attorney André Gurr brings his more than 15 years of legal education and experience to the task of drawing up documents covering all contingencies that can withstand any legal challenge. He relates to you as a skilled lawyer and as a family member in his own right, who wants only the best for those left behind.

Mr. Gurr’s attention to you as a person, and to the most minute detail during the actual writing of your estate plan, is designed to free your survivors of the inconvenience, expense and emotional stress of having an estate examined in Montana probate court.

Estate planning is the wise, humane thing to do — and it isn’t just for retirees. Individuals of any age and size of estate, young couples with small children and business owners alike can benefit from a proactive estate plan that anticipates any legal crisis. When you are ready to discuss yours, please contact Garden City Law, PLLC, to arrange a free initial consultation.

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