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Insurance Disputes

Insurance Coverage Disputes & Bad Faith Claims

What should I do if my insurance company refuses to provide coverage under my policy?
Insurance companies spend millions and millions of dollars in advertising to convince consumers they are in “good hands”. However, insurers unreasonably deny or delay payment of benefits and fail to provide coverage. If your insurance company is delaying or refusing to pay coverage, or you were injured and the wrong-doer’s insurance company is delaying or refusing to pay, you are probably the victim of insurance bad faith.

Insurance policies are not written in a straight forward manner and can be difficult to understand for an average consumer not trained in the law. A knowledgeable and experienced insurance law attorney will navigate the policy, explain your rights, and help you receive the coverage you are entitled. Most consultations are free, and attorney fees may sometimes be recovered in addition to the coverage you are entitled.

If you have questions or issues regarding vehicle liability insurance, home-owners insurance, disability insurance, commercial general liability insurance, healthcare insurance, errors and omissions insurance, or other insurance, call Garden City Law. We know insurance law and will aggressively pursue the coverage you are entitled.

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